CARDIFF, UK: Time difference, flight distance

Time in Cardiff now: 8:00
Sun, Nov 27, 2022

  • Cardiff time zone: GMT - Greenwich Mean Time
  • Time offset: UTC/GMT
  • Area code: +44-29
  • Sunrise: 7:48 am
  • Sunset: 4:11 pm

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Distance and time difference with Cardiff, UK

CityCurrent Time Time Difference with Cardiff Distance from Cardiff (Miles) Distance from Cardiff (KM) Flight Duration from Cardiff
Amsterdam (Netherlands)9:00 am 1 hour ahead of Cardiff333.3536.349 mins
Ankara (Turkey)11:00 am 3 hours ahead of Cardiff1884.13032.13 hrs, 54 mins
Athens (Greece)10:00 am 2 hours ahead of Cardiff1581.12544.63 hrs, 16 mins
Bangkok (Thailand)3:00 pm 7 hours ahead of Cardiff6057.69748.712 hrs, 34 mins
Beijing (Beijing Municipality, China)4:00 pm 8 hours ahead of Cardiff5174.58327.510 hrs, 44 mins
Beirut (Lebanon)10:00 am 2 hours ahead of Cardiff2273.83659.34 hrs, 43 mins
Berlin (Berlin, Germany)9:00 am 1 hour ahead of Cardiff700.21126.81 hrs, 40 mins
Brussels (Belgium)9:00 am 1 hour ahead of Cardiff323.3520.448 mins
Cairo (Egypt)10:00 am 2 hours ahead of Cardiff2275.536624 hrs, 43 mins
Canberra (ACT, Australia)7:00 pm 11 hours ahead of Cardiff10689.717203.522 hrs, 11 mins
Colombo (Sri Lanka)1:30 pm 5:30 hours ahead of Cardiff5546.28925.711 hrs, 30 mins
Dhaka (Bangladesh)2:00 pm 6 hours ahead of Cardiff5107.88220.210 hrs, 36 mins
Doha (Qatar)11:00 am 3 hours ahead of Cardiff3358.85405.56 hrs, 58 mins
Dublin (Ireland)8:00 am same time184.2296.527 mins
Hanoi (Vietnam)3:00 pm 7 hours ahead of Cardiff58439403.312 hrs, 7 mins
Hong Kong (Hong Kong)4:00 pm 8 hours ahead of Cardiff6100.99818.412 hrs, 40 mins
Kabul (Afghanistan)12:30 pm 4:30 hours ahead of Cardiff3681.85925.37 hrs, 38 mins
Kiev (Ukraine)10:00 am 2 hours ahead of Cardiff144923323 hrs, 0 mins
Kingston (Jamaica) (Jamaica)3:00 am 5 hours behind Cardiff4539.57305.69 hrs, 25 mins
Kuwait City (Kuwait)11:00 am 3 hours ahead of Cardiff3016.64854.86 hrs, 15 mins
Lisbon (Portugal)8:00 am same time946.71523.52 hrs, 6 mins
Madrid (Spain)9:00 am 1 hour ahead of Cardiff764.312301 hrs, 50 mins
Manila (Philippines)4:00 pm 8 hours ahead of Cardiff6799.610942.814 hrs, 7 mins
Mexico City (Federal District, Mexico)2:00 am 6 hours behind Cardiff54678798.211 hrs, 21 mins
Moscow (Russia)11:00 am 3 hours ahead of Cardiff1668.62685.43 hrs, 27 mins
Nairobi (Kenya)11:00 am 3 hours ahead of Cardiff4299.969208 hrs, 55 mins
New Delhi (Delhi, India)1:30 pm 5:30 hours ahead of Cardiff4307.469328 hrs, 56 mins
Oslo (Norway)9:00 am 1 hour ahead of Cardiff776.91250.21 hrs, 51 mins
Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)3:00 am 5 hours behind Cardiff3214.45173.26 hrs, 40 mins
Paris (France)9:00 am 1 hour ahead of Cardiff304.7490.445 mins
Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)11:00 am 3 hours ahead of Cardiff3194.25140.56 hrs, 37 mins
Rome (Italy)9:00 am 1 hour ahead of Cardiff992.61597.42 hrs, 13 mins
Singapore (Singapore)4:00 pm 8 hours ahead of Cardiff6865.411048.814 hrs, 15 mins
Sofia (Bulgaria)10:00 am 2 hours ahead of Cardiff1375.32213.42 hrs, 51 mins
Stockholm (Sweden)9:00 am 1 hour ahead of Cardiff10011610.92 hrs, 14 mins
Tehran (Iran)11:30 am 3:30 hours ahead of Cardiff2865.34611.35 hrs, 56 mins
Tokyo (Japan)5:00 pm 9 hours ahead of Cardiff6029.49703.312 hrs, 31 mins
Vienna (Austria)9:00 am 1 hour ahead of Cardiff888.21429.41 hrs, 59 mins
Warsaw (Poland)9:00 am 1 hour ahead of Cardiff1033.21662.72 hrs, 18 mins
Washington DC (District of Columbia, USA)3:00 am 5 hours behind Cardiff3561.15731.17 hrs, 23 mins
Wellington (New Zealand)9:00 pm 13 hours ahead of Cardiff11727.518873.624 hrs, 21 mins

Sunrise sunset times in Cardiff

Date Sunrise Sunset Daylength
Nov 27, 20227:48 am4:11 pm8 hrs 23 mins
Nov 28, 20227:50 am4:10 pm8 hrs 20 mins
Nov 29, 20227:51 am4:09 pm8 hrs 18 mins
Nov 30, 20227:53 am4:08 pm8 hrs 15 mins
Dec 01, 20227:54 am4:08 pm8 hrs 14 mins
Dec 02, 20227:55 am4:07 pm8 hrs 12 mins
Dec 03, 20227:57 am4:07 pm8 hrs 10 mins
Dec 04, 20227:58 am4:06 pm8 hrs 8 mins
Dec 05, 20227:59 am4:06 pm8 hrs 7 mins
Dec 06, 20228:01 am4:05 pm8 hrs 4 mins
Dec 07, 20228:02 am4:05 pm8 hrs 3 mins
Dec 08, 20228:03 am4:05 pm8 hrs 2 mins
Dec 09, 20228:04 am4:04 pm8 hrs 0 mins
Dec 10, 20228:05 am4:04 pm7 hrs 59 mins