Time Difference & Distance between Halifax and Kingston (Jamaica)

Halifax and Kingston (Jamaica) - Distance & time difference

Halifax and Kingston (Jamaica) time difference: -2:0 hrs

Time in Halifax: Sun, 18 Mar 08:39 AM
Time in Kingston (Jamaica): Sun, 18 Mar 06:39 AM
How far is it from Halifax to Kingston (Jamaica)?
Halifax and Kingston (Jamaica) distance: 2002.4 Miles (3222.5 Kilometers)

Halifax time to Kingston (Jamaica) time:

9:00 am ADT in Halifax = 7:00 am EST in Kingston (Jamaica)
1:00 pm ADT in Halifax = 11:00 am EST in Kingston (Jamaica)
5:00 pm ADT in Halifax = 3:00 pm EST in Kingston (Jamaica)
8:00 pm ADT in Halifax = 6:00 pm EST in Kingston (Jamaica)